About Us

Why the silly name?

It was inspired by a Scandinavian folktale about a young man who stole a troll`s eye and , when looking through it, found that he had an eccentric and topsy-turvy perspective on things. (In those innocent days, trolls were respectable fairytale creatures, not  internet  butt-pains) I like to think that I also have an unusual view of things, and that my works of art and craft will appeal to those who appreciate the unique.


Troll`s Eye Crafts was launched in 1995 at the World Science Fiction Convention on Glasgow, where I sold leather belts and pouches, and costume accessories made from tooled and painted leather decorated with mythical beasts and Celtic knotwork. As my interest in the history and ancient art of the British Isles grew, I made a lot of costume accessories, drinking vessels and battle gear for living history events, working in cast pewter and bronze as well as leather. Over the years I have worked in a variety of craft media and produced many sorts of leather goods: mainly belts, bags and fashion accessories but occasionally motorcycle bags ,guitar fittings, even medieval shoes.

My designs are inspired by Celtic and Viking art, by myth and magic, by alternative music and the worlds of the imagination that it opens. My speciality is working with leather, especially carving and stamping designs on vegetable-tanned cowhide, sometimes further embellishing the carved designs with acrylic paints and inks. I also work with metal, creating jewellery and fittings for leatherwork, drinking horns and guitars in metals ranging from pewter, brass and bronze to sterling silver set with semi precious stones.


I am happy to discuss your requirements for individual designs.

Once a design and specifications for commissioned work are agreed upon and an estimated price and date of completion is given, you will be sent a contract to sign and return, at which time a deposit of 50% of the estimated price will be required to secure the order. The remainder of the price will be payable upon completion of the work, by pro-forma invoice.
If you have any queries just get in touch.


Danielle Ray